Model Safety: Through the Lens of A Veteran Model

Updated: May 17

The excitement of a photoshoot is really a unique feeling. Capturing the right pose. Having the right camera settings. Lighting is best suited for the look the photographer is looking for. The model is the subject. The subject being photographed. Either for fashion, building a portfolio, or just for the heck of it! The model's image becomes the photo. The backdrop and lighting present our models in the center of the picture, so as to accomplish the purpose of working with the model.

Models look forward to working with their favorite photographers as much as the photographer looks forward to working with their favorite models. HOWEVER... laying in the weeds, a predatory photographer awaits his or her opportunity to take advantage of a model. This is an abuse of the photographers position and violates the trust of the model. Sure this can go the other way also, but the focus of this post is on model safety and steps a model can take to protect him or herself from an unwanted experience.

We've been fortunate to have a veteran model, Billie Navarre, submit to Sotamodels Magazine a brief article on her take on model safety. Below you will see the page cutout of the article that was placed in the most recent Sotamodels Magazine, April-June-2022.

Please take some time to read the article and learn from someone who has been affected by predatory photographers as well as helping others who are affected by predatory photographers.


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