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Sotamodels was a vision that began on a rock pier that jutted out into the Atlantic Ocean off of Grassy Key in Florida.  New to the model photography world back home in Minnesota, USA, I was reminiscing on the fascination I had developed for model photography.  The beauty of the women I had worked with was beyond comprehension. The dapperness of the men who wore their attire with such profound confidence was nothing less than admirable to say the least.  The unique personalities of the other photographers.  The talent beyond measure of hair and makeup artists.  The dedication studios give to their clients to allow art to be made within their walls.  The clothing designers who dress us with their uniquely designed trends that keep everyone up to date.  To say fascinating is an understatement. Sotamodels was an Instagram page that is going strong. And now it has become more than an Instagram page.  It is evolving and blooming due to what is merely a personal endeavor to be part of something great.  And where best to do it than right at home in Minnesota!  Please feel free to reach out to us here at Sotamodels.  Even if just to say hi! EMAIL:

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